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About Exhale (and Our Talented Team)

Let No Dollar. No Hour. No Resource Go to Waste. Get Smarter with Marketing Technology

A Snapshot (tl;dr)

Exhale started in 2010, and we’ve  enjoyed a riveting and rapidly expanding experience ever since. From our launch as a strategic marketing firm to our evolution into a platform agnostic Marketing Tech Consulting partner, trusted Fractional CMO/CSO outsourcing group, and value added SaaS product development company we’ve tried to stay true to our core mission — to deliver exceptional results to our clients – the kind that make you breathe a sign of relief and delight.

Our Story

Exhale was created in 2010, as a strategic digital marketing firm, by industry veterans Armand and Alessandra Sagredo, merging  deeply analytic thinkers and vibrantly creative minds. From the start, we focused on helping our clients “Breathe Easier” (or Exhale) with powerful marketing systems and growth hacking.

It was at that same time that marketing automation was (once again) growing rapidly. Systems were improving, moving past glorified email programs into measurable revenue driving platforms. We could see the potential for our clients.

Always up for a challenge… we dove in and began to explore the world of marketing technology. One core question drove us ” Would this tech solution not only help clients, but actually deliver impressive ROI – measurable results that would make our clients smile (and their customers convert).

Our excitement grew as we tested and trialed platforms, the realization dawning on us of what marking automation can do for organizations.  More gain, less strain.

But we also discovered “3 critical weak links” the selections process, implementation and user adoption and finally on-going usage of the system.

When these are not handled strategically from a marketing and sales perspective, the system you’ve adopted turns into merely a a glorified email program (that even a chimp could run).

Once the technology stacks were demystified the rest was up to interpreting the data and creating actionable items. Using our unique fusion of tech savvy marketing technologists and creative sales strategists, we formed the next phase of Exhale.

We branched off to provide fractional CMO services, our inhouse automation and CRM system called the Exhalarator and developed a lead generation system called the Intelibot that makes B2B sales teams wonder how they ever lived without it. As a marketing and sales consulting firm our mandate is to provide exceptional results to our clients while helping them engage their customers for improved loyalty and revenue. In every instance creating positive ROI, so that our services and products always more than pay for themselves.

Let No Dollar. No Hour. No Resources Go to Waste. Get Smarter with Marketing Technology

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739 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA 94107, United States

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