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Avoid Expensive Mishaps and
Low User Adoption

We ensure your implementation, integration and team training is done right.
Get a glimpse into our implementation process below.

Step 1:


During the launchpad phase we will work your in-house point person (or team), and layout an implementation road map based on your short-term goals, followed by long-term initiatives.

This will include a full timeline, scheduled update meetings, critical milestones, testing phase, training dates and final roll-out.

The roadmap is then presented to your key stakeholders, to ensure buy-in, which always results in higher user adoption rates.

Step 2:

360° Set-Up

We’ll take care of your entire system set-up from implementation, integration with other critical platforms, marketing campaign input, lead scoring and management, data merging, forms, emails… you get the idea.

You’ll be up and running seamlessly ensuring the system is optimized for your usage and fits within your business culture.

Step 3:


Before launch, we will test, test and test again, making sure everything is working flawlessly.

To ensure you have a clear picture of the system set-up, inside and out, ever process, flow, field and customization will be confidentially documented for you. This will be sealed into a system playbook that you can access at anytime to understand what is happening behind the scenes.

Of course, we are always here to help you out if you get stuck or need an extra hand managing the platform.

Step 4:

Training &


We don’t believe in one training system for all, instead, we formulate specialized training for you based on your users (skill set, tech savviness and intended platform usage).

We then  split your users into small groups for training sessions and when necessary provide one-to-one coaching. User adoption is critical for your system success and we ensure that before we’re done, each user is confident in using the system.

Training can be done either in person or live online video.

Get it right from the start!

Go ahead, breathe… Our certified consultants will handle the entire implementation process, ensuring your system is tuned for success.