Announcing: Wednesday Must-Know Marketing Stats

If you love stats, you’re going to enjoy our new weekly feature!

Every Wednesday we’ll be releasing a new must-know marketing statistic to help you make smarter decisions (and show off your marketing savvy).

Here is the first in our set:


Marketing automation is often mistaken as a glorified email program… wrong (want to know more about how automation and ESP’s differ? check out ESP VS Automation. !

Automation is a tool to capture, convert and court leads.  In fact, as shown above, marketers who implement automation as an engine for their efforts are proven to not only generate more leads, but also have a 60% higher lead-to-sale conversion rating.

That’s nothing to complain about!

Curious how automation can work for you? Or the types of results you can expect?  Let’s connect and set-up a discovery call.


Alessandra Sagredo

Alessandra is Exhale's Director of Client Strategies. She works closely with clients to design strategic and tactical plans that put marketing automation to work for outstanding results. In her past life she has managed marketing for Fortunate 500's such as NEC. She is also a music lover, book fiend and red wine aficionado.

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