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There are loads of great stats out there, proving the benefits that marketing automation can bring for businesses (check out the one below).  But, we know that for most of you smart marketers and business execs, these stats are just not enough.  You want number related to your specific business – as it is now and where automation can take it.  So I’ve pulled together a few of our favorite, simple to use ROI Marketing Automation calculators.

80% of marketing automation users saw their number of leads increase, and 77% saw the number of conversions increase. – VB, Insight Marketing Automation, how to make the right buying decision (2015)

4 Marketing Automation ROI Calculators You can Try RIGHT NOW:


Number 1: By Pardot

Let’s kick off with one of my favorite simple calculators, brought to us by Pardot. Interactive, informative (and slightly whimsical), this calculator will walk through your past year’s estimated sales and revenue to formulate what implementing a platform such as Pardot can deliver in terms of actual dollars.  We tested this out and were impressed with how close it came to our own estimates for one of our Pardot clients.

Give it a go here:


Number 2: by Hubspot

If you’re looking for a simpler ROI formula, Hubspot has set-up a calculator that incorporates your monthly visitors, leads, customers and sales.  It then shows you how implementing automation will increase your monthly visitors and monthly leads.  It is a simplistic calculation but a great starting point to play with and discover what an inbound automation platform can do for you.

Go ahead and run some of your numbers here:


Number 3: by Infusionsoft

For smaller businesses looking to explore a platform like Infusionsoft or SharpSpring, stop by the Infusionsoft ROI calculator that delivers a mixture of “automation education” and sample potential sales results with a SMB automation platform. Note: This is not for those of you already educated around marketing automation, nor for mid to large organizations, but is a fun tool for those small companies just beginning to dip their toe into the ocean of automation.


Number 4: by Oracle

Finally, another one of our favorites is Oracle’s calculator.  This very easy to use ROI predictor asks a number of intelligent questions to calculate an ROI.  If you get stuck on certain answers, Oracle has included industry standard benchmarks to provide guidance and insight.

Be sure to check this one out at:


The above are great tools for anyone wanting to explore the potential of marketing automation on their own.  However, when you’re ready to really get a true picture of what the right platform is for you and the results it can deliver, be sure to connect with us at Exhale for a free discovery session.

Alessandra Sagredo

Alessandra is Exhale's Director of Client Strategies. She works closely with clients to design strategic and tactical plans that put marketing automation to work for outstanding results. In her past life she has managed marketing for Fortunate 500's such as NEC. She is also a music lover, book fiend and red wine aficionado.

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