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Turn Your Marketing Into
the Revenue Driver it Should Be

We'll audit your systems and processes, provide recommendations and ensure you are tuned for success.

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Feel like you should be getting better results with your marketing?

We enthusiastically agree.

Our expert team will perform a full review of your marketing strategy, system set-up, workflows, processes, campaigns, content and reporting. We’ll find out why you’re not getting your desired results and how you can start seeing an increased ROI.

Recommended fixes, improved strategies and smarter usage of your resources will be presented to you in a tactical roadmap all with the end result of increasing your revenue and marketing ROI.

The Exhale team will be available to implement the changes for you or guide your selected team through the process.
Start with a Free Consultation
  • Assessment

    We'll review your business goals, competitors and customer avatar and align them with your marketing strategy creating target metrics.

  • Data Integrity

    A database hygiene check and point plan for clean-up will be developed. We'll then audit your segmentation and data capture points (forms) to ensure optimization.

  • Marketing Processes

    Analysis of existing marketing workflows, emails, landing pages and campaigns will be result in specific recommendations to improve results.

  • Lead Management

    Lead life cycles, scoring and nurturing elements will be investigated and areas requiring redefining will be identified and paired with the suggested approach.

  • Roadmap

    A tactical roadmap in order of priority will be presented. We'll be available to implement these recommendations or coach your team through the process.

The end results?

Finally the Value You Expected

Lead by a fractional CMO and optimization team, we will ensure you are getting the most value possible from your marketing  – starting on day 1 of working with us.

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