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Make the Right Choice From the Start

We'll help you identify, select and implement the optimal marketing and sales solutions for your business
First Step

Research & Analyze

Our team will review your existing sales and marketing processes, research best options, solidify your goals for and create a list of must-haves which will boost your existing and future revenue generating marketing initiatives.  We work with your budgets or can suggest industry best practice spend levels so you always maximize your ROI.

Second Step

Selection Matrix

A decision making matrix will be designed to help identify which pathways are ideal for your business.  This will take into consideration a) current systems b) in house or outsourced team capabilities c) necessary scalability d) cost and ROI. This process will culminate in a set of specific and actionable items with timelines for deployment.

Third Step

Demo & Test

The Exhale team will recommend specific automation solutions that are right for your situation, goals and budget. This can save you hundreds of hours and thousands in costs to minimize and often eliminate human labor costs and improve your customer communications.

Fourth Step

Finalize and Deploy

Beyond just recommending changes we have the ability to work with your team, suggest strategic hires or offer the use of our own in house team of experts in whatever deliverable aspect your solution requires.
Fractional CMOs or a turnkey marketing department are available to you to help reach your goals.

Pardot? Marketo? Hubspot? Eloqua? Oh My… Confused?

We’ll deliver clarity and ensure you make the right decision.
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