SharpSpring is Getting Truly Dynamic

During 2016, SharpSpring has been leading the charge in feature upgrades, dramatically making changes to improve their system. But today, I want to share with you my personal favorite  – dynamic landing pages.

We’ve always been quite impressed with what SharpSpring can do, especially for the reasonable price. But the lack of a landing page builder within the platform?  That was a “no-no” for many our client’s marketing teams.  So, when they announced the launch of not only landing pages, but dynamic landing pages, a “cheer” could be heard throughout the office.

So how does the Landing Page Builder improve the experience of using SharpSpring?  No more flipping between an external landing page platform and SharpSpring. For those on the more technical side – no more dealing with webhooks and zaps. Instead you can build almost your entire campaign within the platform.

But why do you need a Landing Page in the first place?

If you’re still sending campaign visitors, target audience and any paid traffic to your home page – let me give you a free 15 minute phone consultation on why this is causing you to lose sales. Seriously, we don’t like to see any of our clients, colleagues or friends throw budget away, and when you’re sending all traffic to one home page, you are losing potential prospects before they have a chance to really get to know you and your service.


Ok What is “Dynamic” About the New Landing Page Feature?

For those unfamiliar with dynamic content (aka smart or adaptive), it is a feature that allows you to set-up various content snippets that will display based on prospect/visitor data or actions.  These snippets which may include – headers, images, call to action, feature product, content and more –  produce a better experience for your visitor by presenting to them relevant information they care to engage with.  Say goodbye to “one message fits all”.

E.g. we have a SAAS client who services many industries.  When we run a paid campaign we create 3 landing page styles to split test, however within those pages we also build dynamic content snippets based on the ad they have clicked through.  If the ad mentions “agile project management” then the header for “agile project management” will trigger on the he landing page.  If the ad mentions “improving team collaboration” then the matching header will be triggered, along with the correct CTA and hero shot.


Tell me About Landing Pages in SharpSpring

SharpSpring has done a pretty good job on their dynamic landing page builder. The interface is fairly straightforward with the choice of either a traditional or static page from a drop down menu.

What’s even better is the ease of use. No developer required. Simply right-click to easily create rules based on data housed in SharpSpring. Choose from lead score, purchase history,location, industry, pages visited and more to generate highly personalized content for each user.

You can easily toggle various elements and assign the pages to behaviors. Making for a more personalized, relevant and no doubt more highly converting experience for the visitors.

All this and a fully functional marketing system including a CRM for around $300/month?  Now that’s value. If you are interested in exploring SharpSpring as an option give us a shout.

Armand About the author

Armand is Exhale's Director of Applied Neuromarketing. His extensive experience with buyer behavioral psychology comes handy for higher converting campaigns and improved user experiences. In a previous life he birthed startups in multiple industries and won accolades for selling millions worth of products. When not peering into the depths of the human psyche he is an avid gamer and a lover of racing somewhat overpowered British sports cars.

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