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Looking for rock-solid proof that marketing automation works? It’s not hard to find. In our line of work, we regularly come across (and contribute to) success stories of businesses using marketing automation to attract audiences, create leads and amplify sales.

 See for yourself!

Here are how some of the smartest companies in B2B and B2C have used automation to solve their marketing challenges, and never looked back.


If you’ve ever signed a contract online, you’ve probably come across DocuSign, a US-based company that enables contracts and approvals to be exchanged electronically. DocuSign serves a a very diverse audience of customers from different industries and verticals. To increase leads and conversions, DocuSign knew it had to not only tailor communications to each segment, but also to the different stages of the buying cycle.

 To solve this not-so-insignificant challenge, DocuSign used Eloqua marketing automation to create over 30 nurture programs based on customers’ buying journeys, with astounding results. They tripled their pipeline, exceeded sales targets by 27%, reduced web and corporate churn, boosted monthly recurring revenue, and increased average deal size. Not bad for a company that managed to get the majority of their nurture campaigns up and running in just three months!


Randstad, one of the world’s biggest recruiting companies, had plenty of great content on their website, but with low search engine rankings and ineffective lead capture processes, struggled to draw in and convert new leads. After evaluating a few marketing automation platforms, they chose to implement Hubspot, using it to build personas and create content based on visitors’ journeys. They then created Hubspot landing pages, forms and smart CTAs to serve up content that was personalised to users, and to their stage of the buying journey.

 Since implementing automation, Randstad have increased website traffic by 56% a year, boosted landing page conversions by 25%, and have quadrupled the amount of leads generated through the website. It just goes to show – you can’t underestimate the power of good buyer insights!

  3 Day Blinds

As a leading retailer and manufacturer of blinds and window coverings, 3 Day Blinds had a wide target audience – anyone who had windows was a potential customer! Knowing that this audience had a diverse range of preferences and needs, 3 Day Blinds used its Marketo database to identify buyer journey stages, and break out customers and prospects into stage-based segments. They then used Marketo and automated ad-buying platform Turn to serve up customized email, web and ad content based on the customer’s buying stage, as well as previous purchases and identified interests.

 By offering more personalized digital experiences, 3 Day Blinds increased click-through rates by 140%, leads-per-click by 850%, and appointments-per-lead by 140%. They also slashed overall cost-per-acquisition by 80%.

 JD Williams

In recent years, British fashion retailer JD Williams have seen a shift of customers moving online to make their purchases. Recognizing that upselling to existing customers was key in helping their business to grow, JD Williams sought to provide customers with the content they really wanted. They did this by integrating customer data with their marketing automation tool, Oracle Responsys, and by segmenting their data to deliver personalized emails to their customers.

 Responsys enabled them to send a whopping 42 million emails per month, but also to create customized, trigger-based campaigns – for example, post-purchase thank you emails that suggested relevant products based on what they had bought. This helped them to improve engagement significantly – email click-through rates lifted by 268% percent, and email conversions increased by 92%!

 As these success stories show, marketing automation – when done right – can be a powerful tool in transforming your campaigns, and building deeper relationships with your customers and prospects. 

Alessandra Sagredo

Alessandra is Exhale's Director of Client Strategies. She works closely with clients to design strategic and tactical plans that put marketing automation to work for outstanding results. In her past life she has managed marketing for Fortunate 500's such as NEC. She is also a music lover, book fiend and red wine aficionado.

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