Pardot’s Engagement Studio

Back in June, Salesforce did a full release of the Pardot Engagement studio and we’ve been smiling ever since!

For those of you not familiar with Engagement Studio, here it is summed up in the words of Adam Blitzer, SVP Salesforce Pardot  “the nerve centre, the IQ, the brain behind the marketing automation platform in Sales Cloud”. He also went on to say it will offer “adaptive nurture campaigns” and “visualized campaign testing and reporting.

Phew!  That’s quite the list of promise.  However, from what we’ve seen, it’s not actually that far off.


Pardot Engagement Studio

Engagement Studio in Action


So what are a few of the features making this big release a hit amongst marketing automation specialists?

We’ve come up with our top 4:

1) Buyer’s Journey Aligned

With Engagement Studio we can finally get more granular in guiding prospects through the buyer’s journey.  For an agency like ours, which focuses heavily on building campaigns that match each stage of the purchasing process, this earned a gold star. You can now get more detailed and personal throughout the stages of the journey, providing content that actually nudges your lead to the next stage.

2) Actions, Triggers & Rules

For those of you who adore creating behavior based funnels as much as I do, get ready to grin, really really grin!  Engagement studio has rules and triggers, allowing you to go deeper into personalization while better understanding what is working.  Bye bye limited 16 actions for building nurturing campaigns, hello 34 pieces of logic to build captivating and convincing campaigns!


the nerve centre, the IQ, the brain behind the marketing automation platform in Sales Cloud and visualised campaign testing and reporting<em>.</em>”

3)One Place…to Rule them All

With the old style of Pardot, marketers would often find themselves having to build various drip pathways for a single campaign.  This mean flipping between different drip programs and trying to visualize it all coming together.  Now, with Engagement Studio you can see everything in one canvas – imagine, build a new email, edit a landing page, drop in a new trigger all within the Studio.  (And no need for IT support, phew!)

4)Take a Test Drive

Finally and one of my favorites, you can now take yourself through the journey of your campaign with a test drive – you can experience what your prospects will.  This allows marketers to now identify and fix gaps early in the process and ensure the campaign is truly optimized.


Our Conclusion?  Engagement Studio is a significant addition and improvement to Pardot.  It will make marketers’ lives easier, while improving effectiveness of campaigns. But that’s just our opinion! What’s yours, I’d love to hear what your experience has been with Engagement Studio – share in our comments below.


Alessandra Sagredo

Alessandra is Exhale's Director of Client Strategies. She works closely with clients to design strategic and tactical plans that put marketing automation to work for outstanding results. In her past life she has managed marketing for Fortunate 500's such as NEC. She is also a music lover, book fiend and red wine aficionado.

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